Didenki 101

Didenki 101.2 The Eh-Eh

Greetings earthlings! Welcome to Didenki 101 Lesson 2.

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I’m taking this opportunity to utilize lesson two, by speaking of Didenki‘s notorious #2.

That’s right. Today’s topic is the Didenki “eh-eh,” also known as the repeated or double letter. It’s annotated with two slashes like this: //

You might have noticed it in various logos across the After Amesyth Series website:

After Amesyth Series (a//s)


The New Somorrin Government


Ueh4 Publishing
U//// Publishing (u eh-eh eh-eh)

The // does have some importance other than aesthetics. For specific glyphs, repetition changes the pronunciation. This is the case for eh, shi, uy, ta, and has, as shown below.

Unless included in this chart, the // doesn’t change the pronunciation of any other letters in the Didenki alphabet.

eheh pronunciations-01

That means the Earth-name Jessica would be said Jeshika if the second “s” is used. The name Rich would be spelled Rit//. Sounds like a street artist alias.

If I was any good at painting (or running), I’d use the street name Jeshika Rit//. Except Jessica is a woman’s name, but I highly doubt our Didenki-speakers would know that. It’ll be our little secret.

Now that I’m feeling rebellious like a graffiti artist, I’m going to demonstrate what a true use of the eh-eh looks like in the conclusion of this topic:

Hope you enjoyed this les//on of Didenki 101. Be sure to sign up for the newslet//er so you don’t mis// our next les//on.

(Hahaha, I can’t help it. Hope you enjoyed this leshon. Sign up for the newslecher so you don’t mish our next leshon.)

Until then,

Ben Diun Dun


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